Acceptable noise level in cochlear-implant and bimodal hearing users

Reza Sadeghi,1Samin Ashjaei,2 Hadi Hadipour,2 Hamid Jalilvand2

1. Loghman hospital rehabilitation clinic

2. Shahid Beheshti Medical Universit

 کنگره بین المللی کاشت حلزون و علوم وابسته. 2018 مشهد



Introduction: People with cochlear implant in one ear often have sufficient hearing sensitivity to use a hearing­ aid in the opposite ear. This study had two aims: 1) To assess speech performance in noisy conditions in cochlear-implant users and 2) To evaluate any changes in speech performance in noisy conditions through the addition of a hearing aid to the opposite ear through its low frequency amplification

Materials and methods: Tests were performed at Loghman Cochlear Implant center and Pejvak Rehabilitation Clinic. Sixteen patients, with a mean age of about 16 years, were tested. Unaided and aided audiometry was performed

Results: Mean pure tone average thresholds in the implanted ear were 110 dB HL and 5 dB HL with prosthesis. In the opposite ear, mean unaided thresholds were 90 dB HL and 45 dB HL with hearing aids. The acceptable noise level (ANL) test was then performed, once with cochlear implantation and once in the bimodal situation. Mean most comfortable listening level (MCL) was 42.33 and 42.66 dB HL with cochlear implantation and bimodal amplification, respectively. Mean tolerable background noise level (BNL) with cochlear implantation was 38.5 dB HL versus 39.22 dB HL with bimodal amplification. Mean ANL, which is the difference between BNL and MCL, was 4 with cochlear implantation and 3 in the bimodal case. There was no significant difference in ANL results between cochlear-implant users and cases with bimodal hearing

Conclusion: Cochlear-implant users have very good speech performance in noisy conditions, with an ANL result that is within the normal range. The addition of a hearing aid to the opposite ear does not worsen the performance, and could lead to improvement from a clinical point of view

Keywords: Cochlear implant, Bimodal hearing, Acceptable noise level


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