Effects of long term use of Cochlear Implant on e-Evoked Action potential

Leila Azadeh Ranjbar . Audiologist of loghman Hakim cochlear implant center, SBMU Tehran . Iran

لیلا آزاده رنجبر. شنوایی شناس مرکز کاشت حلزون بیمارستان لقمان حکیم



Long term use of cochlear implant affect the response of auditory nerve due to plasticity rules. The parameter of evaluation & study of νш nerve function in users of cochlear implant is e-Evoked Action potential that calls variously base on cochlear implant prothes brand such as NRT , NRI or ART. In this study we study the eEACP changes during the time

Materials and Methods

In this study we assessment the eECAP finding in 87 patients that was implanted 58-75 months later in 2 group of pediatric and adults. The brand of CI of this patients was in 2 groups: Advance Bionics , Cochlear


  : The results of study indicate that

ECAP Thresholds in children : decrease of eECAP thresholds (13.82 C.L) in cochlear brand

Decrease of eEAP threshold (12.63 CU) in AB brand

ECAP Threshold in Adults: decreas of eECAP threshold (8.26 C.L) in cochlear brand

(decrease of eEAP thresholds (5.13 CU)

ECAP Slope in children : shows steeper slope after time spend

ECAP slope in Adults : shows no change of slope


The results of study shows that long term use of cochlear implant can affect the current field of cochlear and the relation of stimulating electrode and the tissue of nerve that is stimulating by cochlear implant


Keywords: Cochlear implant . Action Potential . Adult . Child . long term




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